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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning, tsunami warnings blanket the pacific and the death toll is climbing in japan after that devastating 8.9 earthquake and tsunami. we received this video moments ago. a voluntary evacuation is in place. that is according to san mateo county office emergency management. we have a live report along the coast in pacifica. good morning, to you welcome to friday it's march 11th i'm dave clark.
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>> and i'm pam cook. we want to go to our top story. the quake and tsunami in japan. it's effecting direct impact on the bay area this morning. emergency crews are now shutting down some bay area beaches and roads and up and down the coast of california. ktvu jade hernandez is in pacifica this morning with what is going on there. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning, we are at a pier in pacifica. we have been monitoring the water this morning. i spoke with someone art the san mateo office. a voluntary evacuation order is in place. that is west of highway one mainly because of the beaches there. also the voluntary evacuation order is in place for lind mar and half-moon bay. now we can show you right now this street is beach boulevard
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and it's been closed by authorities this morning. evacuation point has also been established three minutes away from this pier at a nearby high school. no mandatory evacuations have been made at this point. i have been told by pacifica police the department is assessing the situation. waves are supposed to crest between two and four feet. that warning is in alert in possible flooding. we have been tole access to rock way beach has also been closed. we spoke to a few local residents that say waves are pretty normal from the shift -- for the shift from high to low tides. when we pulled up an hour and a half ago we spoke to onlookers that wanted to see the kinds of waves a tsunami might produce along the northern california coast. >> once i heard it, i wanted to
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see it. because i haven't seen really, really big waves. i've only seen movies and stuff. i wanted to experience it. >> reporter: now again just to show you the road has been closed here behind us from pa low ma to claire don that is in front of us. rock way beach is also closed. as we have learned from san mateo county emergency management office there is a voluntary evacuation order in place for anything along highway 1. of course as soon as we get more information from the police department we will bring that to you. reporting live from pacifica this morning jade hernandez. i want to check in on impact from travel. a lot of people are starting their spring breaks. getting going in hawaii. airports are closing. mike joins us now. caller: good morning, pam. >> what can you tell us about
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the flights effected here and in and out of hawaii. we have a lot of flights going to and from hawaii. caller: the last i heard this is a couple hours ago honolulu international was still open. but for hawaii flights we had several cancellations. united flights from san francisco has been canceled. the flight that took off yesterday was devoted to tay koa that air force. it took off before the earthquake. it will be here around 7:10 local time. the return flight has been canceled. i have no current information from jl yet and the last carrier ana their flight from san francisco to marina it has been canceled. >> mike, any predictions for a
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ripple effect? caller: you know it will be a long time to figure this out. i've had conflicting information from the status in marina. but it will be very long haul until we can figure out what the status operations will be. >> we are looking at pretty intense video from a tsunami that came in afterwards. can you tell us where some of the airports are located? we know one near cindie was covered in water. caller: yeah that is right on the coast. probably about 150-miles from cindi all of that area is low lying. it's a lot of farmland. there is not a lot of protection as far as any
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natural topographic features. >> i was going to ask you from a personal stand point, you were stationed there. you see these pictures. what was your first reaction? caller: wow. we went through a couple good shakes around '87- '89 time frame. i love that area. mom and pop farms. it's destroyed. it's heartbreaking. >> what information are you getting since our airports sit on the water as well. in the bay as opposed to along the coast. are you getting any information about the tsunami and how it can effect us here in the bay area? the water itself? caller: as far as which should not be a big deal as far as we're about 10-12 feet above sea level.
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we have a protective seawall along the edge of the runways. we are monitoring the situation. we will have people monitoring the runways. make sure there is no problems. i think we are going into a low tide which will benefit us. that should help us out as well. >> steve paulson did say that low tide i believe this morning. >> 8:08. >> great. that is good news. caller: yeah i thought it was early this morning we will be at low tide. >> real quick, mike, even if the waves are two to four feet at a low tide it may not be as bad as a high tide. caller: exactly right. the low tide is usually about a half foot. this should be less than a high tide. >> that was mike mccarron. thank you for being here with us. we appreciate it. caller: my pleasure. time now is 6:07.
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we are monitoring the situation in san francisco. claudine wong is live at the east beach at christy field. what is it like out there? >> reporter: it's still pretty quiet. we are waiting for things to change. 8:08 is the time we should some kind of change in the water. you can take a look at it now, it's very quiet. we have seen joggers out here and people using this area as they normally have. talking about the tsunami and what it could mean for this area in a few hours. we did talk to mary curry about the golden gate bridge district. she talked about the ferries. they are just planning to slow down if they see the current start to change. they are warning their passengers to remain seated on the trip over. we also were up at fort point a short time ago. we want to show you video from there. they do have that area gated off. it's normally gated from sunset to sunrise.
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that is not unusual. i will say when we tried to come out to fort point we have tried to get past those gates. that is where they expect to see some of the biggest swells out here. really only a couple feet according to steve paulson. that is right under the golden gate bridge area. you can see some of the waves over by fort point from our advantage point here. 2.4 is what steve said at this point. not huge. we are talking about this low tide. we have seen park police out here. we were down at fisherman's wharf. we have seen a lot of people patrolling around and stayology on stand by. that's what the coast guard has told us they are doing. everything keeping an eye on the water. live here in san francisco
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claudine wong. we monitor what is happening here in the bay area. we want to recap for you for those of you just joining us. just to get you up to speed. the past 20 minutes within the past 20 minutes as we look at this devastating video japanese police say 300 bodies have been found in the north eastern coastal area of japan. after that earthquake. magnitude earthquake 8.9 offshore. it released a 23-foot tsunami which will been followed by more than 50 after shocks. we have heard from people inside there. after shocks have been as high as 7.1, .72. 7.1,-- 7.2. we do have video of outside the newsroom where boats, cars, homes, swept away. these are the latest pictures that we have received.
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again we have heard from the japanese government has ordered people around that power plant to evacuate. the cooling system that is very important because it cools down the reactor there. they are saying no immediate worry about a radiation leak baa -- leak but they are taking those precautions. more after shock is expected. our time now is 6:10. our commute is waking up in the bay area. tara, what are you seeing out there? >> as we have mentioned throughout the morning bart will be making a decision within the next hour if they will cancel train service. this would effect trains running between west oakland and daly city from 7:00 to 9:00 this morning. and according to officials the tsunami reacts differently under water. i want to mention the great highway has been shut down.
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there are emergency vehicles lining the entire area. this is important to know if you live in san francisco. a lot of people use this route in order to avoid this road which is 19th avenue which can get congested throughout the morning. do be aware the great highway is shut and you will be forced to use 19th avenue. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are up. and final look at 280 at the 880 interchange traffic is flowing fine. here is steve. thank you tara. on the tsunami warning it starts first along the carolina coast at cent city at 7:23 in the morning. they could have some waves six to seven feet. they are more prone to getting higher waves than we are. that would be at 7:23.
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the good news is we are going into a low tide. 0.7 feet even if we get waves two to four feet it would will not be as high as a astronomical high tide. it's a series of waves series not just one sometimes the waves can go out surf can go out and come back in. they are spaced off about five minutes. sometimes up to an hour. some of the wave forecast are there. let's send it back over to dave. thank you. our time now 6:13 and our team coverage of that quake disaster in japan this morning will continue. it was an 8.9 quake created massive fires. look at the waves just wiping out anything nit path. that quake is shutting down beaches here at home.
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welcome back to the morning news. president obama is holding a news conference in two and a hour hours this morning. it's taking on more urgency this morning now following a devastating earthquake and tsunami in japan. alison burns is covering his response. alison. >> reporter: pam, since my last update the administrator for the federal emergency management agency has posted a
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video message online. he says fema is preparing to help states that could be impacted by the tsunami. >> right now people need to heed the evacuation efforts. we need to focus also on the threat from a tsunami particularly in hawaii and on the west coast of the united states as this develops this morning. >> reporter: this is some of the incredible video of the devastation in japan. the u.s. pacific command say all american forces in japan have been accounted for. there are no reports of u.s. military injuries. the white house press says president obama was notified four hours ago. and says the u.s. stands by to help japan. san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi also issued a statement calling on her
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constituents in san francisco to stay vigilant and heed all warnings. we'll stay on top of the response for you here in d.c. and have the latest on the morning news. pam and dave back to you. we know that tsunami warnings covering the california coast. let's talk to biel tweedy. good morning, bill. are you there bill? caller: i'm here are you there? >> we're here. i know you are doing a lot of different things. that warning what does that mean for you and your team and you guys are used to dealing with stuff. what are you doing now? caller: as a precaution since we've never had a tsunami hit this area we are taking precautions to make sure the people are notified. we are advising people to in low lying areas to move to higher ground and watch the local news stations for an update on whatever will happen. we've also had recently the
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ferry service is no longer at this time going to send any ferries to san francisco. they will use a bus bridge to transport the ferry riders from vallejo to san francisco. they will be able to park at the intersection or corner of marin and york in an old safeway parking lot that's where the buss will pick them up. >> the parking lot there for the ferry is right along the water; right? caller: yeah that is the unfortunate part. it will be closed down. they will be directed to the new location so they can still get from vallejo to san francisco. >> i have to ask because of budget cut backs i know your work force has been cut back. are you prepared to deal with anything that may pop up? caller: yeah even though we have had some cuts, we are prepared. we have our emergency operation center open at this time.
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we are taking all precautions and bringing in the people we need to make this happen. >> okay. bill, thank you for joining us. bill tweedy, thank you for taking the time to join us. >> if you take the vallejo ferry they are closing that. they are taking care of you if you need to use that mode of transportation. it is a situation that is getting worse every hour that devastating earthquake that rocked japan. here is video that we have inside an office building as it happened to get the very latest updates. >> that quake across the pacific now shutting down beaches and roadways right here at home. traffic on highway 4 through pittsburgh area looking good. we'll take a look at your bay area bridges coming up.
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here is a look at your bay area bridges. traffic getting backed up there on the bay bridge at the toll plaza there. a little foggy at san mateo. the vallejo fire department has delayed ferry service.
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it has been put on hold as a precautionary measure because of the tsunami weather. buss will transport riders. you can park at the old safeway parking lot for now. 6:23 here is steve. thank you very much. monitoring some action for what is going on in hawaii. we have three foot waves hitting oahu, waikiki some of the waves wept over the breaker wall but did not make it the to motels. but there is still not done yet. they have a ways to go. for us it starts at 7:23:00 a.m.. that would be at cent city and for san francisco golden gate it will be just after 8:00 in the morning. some of the possible wave forecasts. this will be during low tide. one will cancel out the other. it's a series of waves not just
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one wave. until about two hours after 8:00 we are still in line for that tsunami warning. not too bad in hawaii. we don't expect it to be any severe damage here. that's what is coming from the tsunami warning center. we do have a day where it will be okay here weather wise. we have low clouds and fog. 40s for temperatures. we will end up with 50s and 60s. one system moves out we get a little break today. there is a lot of low clouds and fog. it will be slightly cooler today. not bad once you get to the low clouds. some of it could last for a little while. maybe mid 60s out toward east or south. other than that not much. increasing clouds coming in. pam and dave. the earthquake in japan caused several fires in addition to the tsunami. one of the largest was sparked
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at a japanese oil refinery. huge flames burning 25 miles east of tokyo. the fire started in the refinery storage tanks which could hold as many as 240 barrels of oil. another sparked at a nuclear power plant. the fire was in a turbine building separate from the nuclear reactor but within the last 20 minutes or so an evacuation order was issued to thousands of people as a precaution. they are working on getting mechanical problems fixed. that's the cooling system for the reactor. the government the japanese government say nothing immediate danger of a radiation leak. time now 6:26. as you can imagine the japanese quake and tsunami is trending really strongly on twitter this morning. some posted pictures of the damage. this shows part of the tokyo
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skyline. you can see the smoke rising up into the sky. now another picture shows the upper tip of the tokyo tower it's bent now. that tower was inspired in part by the eiffel tower in paris. it's more than 1,000 feet tall. here is another picture shows people sitting on the ground at tokyo disney land after that massive earthquake. japanese media reports there was close to 70,000 people in the park at japan's disney land but no one was hurt. as it has done in many disasters google is once again doing its part to help out with earthquake relief efforts. google has launched its person finder page to help people connect with loved ones in japan. the page is in english and japanese. so far 5,000 people have submitted their information to the apps website. google launched the person finder page a few weeks ago in
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response to the deadly earthquake in christchurch, new zealand. it's a devastating situation that is effecting us here in the bay area. we will continue our live team coverage of the huge quake and what is effected here in the bay area how we may be impacted. also the opening bell about ready to ring on wall street this morning. japan's nikkei dropped about 2% following the quake. japan's yin down quite a bit. completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes.
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take a step forward and chase what matters.
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welcome back to the morning news right on time this morning. the opening bell ringing there live in new york. the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange. the howard hugh corporation visiting celebrating a recent
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spinoff there. of course the big news overseas overnight japan's nikkei took a pretty big hit after that earthquake but it doesn't look like our numbers would necessarily be effected by that. one thing to keep in consideration oil. there is concern that the crude oil trading down this morning. >> what about export, import? >> that can be effected. the ports are effected. it wouldn't be in the immediate impact. wall street anticipates what may be down the road. >> we will go ahead and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us it's friday march 11th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. that devastating earthquake in japan is having a direct impact in the bay area because emergency crews are shutting down bay area beaches and some roads. ktvu jade hernandez is in pacifica this morning. what is happening right now and which roads are closed that you
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know of? >> reporter: we can tell you west of highway 1 that is what is being closed right now. a lot of beaches. rockway beach. there is a lot of places here in pacifica. del mar has been shut down. we have been alive along this peer this morning since 4:00. when we arrived we spoke to several residents that told us for this time of year. law enforcement agencies are very, very nervous right now. they have been assessing this situation monitoring the situation. in fact, just a few minutes ago i got off the phone with captain fernando he's with pacifica police. >> reporter: we are obviously concerned. at this time we are monitoring it to see we are reassessing the situation to see if we will conduct a full evacuation.
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>> reporter: captain told us an evacuation point has been established three minutes away from here at ocenan high school. the red cross is there right now. it's a staging area formucall aid. no mandatory evacuations have been made. the department is assessing the situation. i got off the phone with the san mateo county office of emergency management. they told me a voluntary evacuation was in place for anything west of highway 1. now waves are supposed to crest between two and four feet. this warning is in alert. the tsunami warning is in alert of possible flooding. we have been told by pacifica police. you can see within the last 20 minutes there have been public work crews that have come by here to pull up caution tape. authorities just want to make sure that no one comes by here. no one uses the walkways
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because that is what people do. they walk their dogs they run they walk in the morning and the authorities want to make sure that access to all beaches and to the water is closed at this point. now i spoke to a few local residents who told me this morning they got up because they heard about the tsunami warning through facebook and twitter. in fact a group of onlookers this morning said they have to come out to this very pier so they can monitor waves waves. they wanted to see the waves that could be generated by a tsunami. we have been checking in with all of the authorities this morning. we will continue to have an update for you in another 30 minutes. reporting live jade hernandez. our time now 6:34. many japanese americans in the bay area are keeping a close watch on the disaster that is unfolding across the pacific. kraig debro who has realtives in japan is in san francisco's
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japan town right now. >> reporter: good morning, dave. in case you have been following still no word from my inlaws. what we have been doing here in japan now we have been monitoring j these tv. we have a network on. i'm not sure what network it is. the reason you want to do this is they have a lot more video that we can get through our usual feeds. they have video from different sources obviously a lot more than we would have. we have been looking at this. the videos are a lot nor extensive. now we are in japan town because places like the hotel kabookie and the grocery store down the street are good places to talk to people. look at this. this is video from a natural gas storage facility. we show you this to show you how wide spread the damage is. this facility is in ichiraa.
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the fire is taking place close to the airport. people from japan sometimes stay here in japan town when they are in town. sometimes they stay at the hotel kabookie. >> we are usually pretty good about sending notes to them. if you haven't heard, this is what we know. you might want to get in contact with somebody back home make sure everything is okay. >> now according to nhk which my wife has been monitoring. we get that at my home. the phone lines the hard lines are not being used. they are telling people not use the land lines and to leave those for emergency service crews. you are looking at a picture of a japanese network. you are seeing inside one of the train stations here. so a lot of confusion going on right now as you know that they are just finding and made a find of 200 to 300 body.
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we will try to get a reaction to everyone in japan town. >> thank you very much for that update. right now on the phone we have frank cox. marin county office of emergency services. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> can you tell us along marin county a lot of fishermen head out. any advisories for any boating or are you keeping them out of the water? caller: well marin county office of emergency services is following the lead of cal emma. we have not declared an emergency evacuation of the coast. we have not made a specific recommendation as to boating other than it's an unwise thing for water crafts to be on the bay or ocean during this period. >> so nothing mandatory. caller: nothing mandatory.
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>> the basic reaction in your community is what? are you hearing from people? caller: we are getting a number of calls here of course. we have personnel that are trying to alert people along the beaches to anticipate waves up from one to 1.5 feet under normal sea conditions. it will be a low tide in the morning but there will be rising tide throughout the day. people should stay away from the coast. stay away from any of the coastal areas throughout the day. >> we heard earlier that the parking lots and the beaches at near beach and steinson that they would probably be closed. do you know if they are closed in fact? caller: i believe they have
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been closed. people i think can anticipate problems all along the coast but we have not declared any mandatory evacuation. >> okay. hopefully you won't have to. thank you for being on the phone. frank cox from the marin county office of emergency management. thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much. time now 6:38. let's talk traffic and see what is happening on the roads. tara you have been busy. what is happening out there? >> bart officials should be paging us whether it will cancel service because of the potential for high waves. the phak that bart lies below sea level. this will effect trains running between west oakland and daly city from 7:00 to 9:00 this morning. now in san francisco emergency crews have shut down the great highway. this is located along the coast in the sunset district it is of course right in a tsunami zone. if you use as a shortcut use it as a shortcut to avoid 19th
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avenue this arrow you see right here forget about it. just use 19th and give yourself extra time this morning. here is a live shot of the richmond san rafael bridge. just north of here ferry service has been put on hold because of the potential for high waves. a bus shuttle is running for people that need to get into san francisco this morning. and the metering lights went on a bit late for the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. this is ha shot of the golden gate bridge. traffic flowing just fine into san francisco here. 6:39 here is steve. all right tara thank you very much. we have do have a partly sunny day. there is an area of clouds and fog. let's get to that first. 7:23:00 a.m. is really a key time why? the first waves would arrive at cent city at that time.
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if the waves are 6-7 feet then okay this thing is arriving and it looks like it will move in. if not much happens at cent city around 7:23 than not much will happen here. annoy bart is hanging their head on -- i know bart is hanging their head on that. for us the first wave will arrive at 8:08. low tide. that is a positive here. the low tide even if the waves come in two to four to five feet it will not be as bad. waves two to four feet are possible. point rays four feet. and i have been told the schools are closed in pacifica? >> yeah. >> half-moon bay 3.3. santa cruz 3.6. from 7:23 to 8:08 here.
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your day looks okay but there is pockets of fog. today is not a bad day but it's cooler. morning fog sunshine cooler. a little breezy at times. you get an on shore wind today. upper 50s and very, very low 6:s and tomorrow i think about the same. night and morning fog. sunday looks like a cloudy day. rain in the north bay and possibly spreading south by evening. >> thank you, steve. 6:41 is the time right now. the disaster directly effecting us in the bay area. i want to take you live to pacifica to show you the beaches there. we do have crews down there we have crews headed in the area. obviously we are looking at emergency crews there as well. they are along ocean beach and down in pacifica. again as steve just mentioned we are getting word the schools in pacifica are closed now for
6:43 am
today. it's just as a precaution. they are taking that action to keep everybody safe. we have a live look down there. stay with us. we will have much more coming up in traffic. this is a live picture from chopper two. i believe we are near skyline drive here. we will have more traffic hot spots coming up.
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welcome back. our time is 6:45. here is a look at the top story we are following for you right now. authorities in japan say 200 to 300 bodies have been found. look at the mass just moving across the ground there. the death toll is expected to go even higher. a small tsunami came ashore in hawaii just about an hour ago. and the entire pacific coast that includes the bay area is on a tsunami watch with a much, much smaller wave expected right here in the bay area just after 8:00 this morning. we want to show you a live picture from news chopper two flying over highway 35. skyline boulevard and highway 92. we are hearing look cars are backed up people are getting out of their cars in san mateo
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county. look at this picture. it speaks for itself. chopper two is panning across. showing you the long, long line of cars backed up along the roadway. this is an incredible picture but you are seeing it live as we see it and showing it to you right here on the ktvu morning news. more details from san mateo county a little bit later on. >> an incredible sight here in the bay area. oil prices have fallen below $100 a barrel. we have video of an oil refinery. take a look at this that caused fire following that earthquake. japan is the world's largest consumer. the recent devastation has triggered a quick oil sellout across the financial markets. right now bear with me for a moment. i wanted to get the very latest numbers on crude oil. it is trading just below $100 a barrel. $99.88 that is the last.
6:48 am
that is almost down $3 a barrel. quite an impact there. again back here in the bay area traffic certainly effected as we saw from news chopper two. let's go over to tara. >> yes, we want to take you once again to the live pictures from chopper two. hovering over san mateo county. this is at skyline drive that is highway 35 and 92. you can see that a lot of people are getting into their cars and they are leaving the coast. we have received several tweets this morning from people living in half-moon bay say they are jumping into area cars and trying to get away from the coast. obviously as a precautionary measure since we have a tsunami warning in effect. all right up next i want to show you exactly there is the traffic there on 92 from half- moon bay. you can see it's yellow and orange right now. so there are definitely a lot of folks on the roadway trying to make their way over to 280 and get away from the coast. finally at the bay bridge toll
6:49 am
plaza we have a lot of back up. the we are waiting to hear from bart as to whether or not service will be impacted from west oakland to daly city this morning. they may be canceling that service because of the tsunami warning. we are expecting a page here in the next couple of minutes. we will keep you posted. here is steve. all right let's put this in perspective. i think they are waiting to see what will happen in crescent city. if nothing happens means nothing here. if they do get projected six to seven foot waves, then all bets are off and our projections will probably come true. we are going into a low tide. one effect may cancel the other. but the key will be at 7:23 and i think by 7:30 and 7:45 bart will make a decision with a lot of others. for us first waves are supposed
6:50 am
to arrive around 8:08. low tide though. that is a good sign. 0.7 feet at 9:51. waves two to four feet. i know that doesn't seem to be a lot. so far everything i have been reading and the message boards over there it's not bad. waikiki surf went out a little bit and came in over the breaker wall but did not get close to the hotels. it surges around the islands. we would take more of a straight shot. due to the regular terrain and sea floor can vary from location to location. pacifica three. santa cruz 3.6. we will know a lot more by 7:30. let's see what happens up north first before we make decisions here. tsunami warning is in effect until two to three hours after 8:00. it's also in the bay not just the coast. today we will have mostly sunny
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after patchy fog. temperatures 41 santa rosa. 42 concord. it's a little cool out there. that will translate to a cooler day today. it will be mostly sunny after that fog moves out. saturday getting clouds into the north. by sunday we will start to see rain move in here. morning fog for us. low clouds and patchy fog. it will be sunny a little breezy at times. highs will be in the upper 50s and very low 60s. not as warm as yesterday. fog low clouds and then sunny and increasing clouds on saturday. it does look like a cloudy day with rain moving in on sunday. coming up next we will continue our coverage of the 8.9 earthquake and tsunami and how it's effecting us here in the bay area. just to reiterate what steve was saying that the waves in hawaii not producing any damaging effects. coming on shore and we are hearing here in santa cruz san
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mateo county coastline they are preparing. setting up areas for people that feel like they need to get away from the coast. looking at hawaii no damage just some waves moving on toward the breaker wall. stay with us. here is exactly what pam was talking about. you are looking at live pictures of chopper two from a skyline drive in san mateo county. we'll have more straight ahead.
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welcome back to the ktvu morning news. we want to take you live news chopper two boy unfortunately that earthquake and tsunami and japan effecting us here in the bay area. here is a live look at highway 35 and skyline boulevard where people have moved inland. they have moved inland as a precaution because we do have those tsunami watch tsunami watch in effect along our coast of course again we have been reporting the waves have already hit hawaii and no damaging effects there but we're all keeping a watch on that. >> and because of that tsunami warning we are monitoring a situation in san francisco. ktvu claudine wong live at the east beach of chrisy field.
6:56 am
>> reporter: we just moved over to aquadic park. they made the decision to shut down thus park. you talk about how unusual the situation is is. all they have is the bio hazard signs. what they want to do is keep everyone off of this beach. you have a lot of tourist that come down here. they are more worried about people getting pushed or pulled into the water. they will shut this down until 9:00 when they believe the swells will be over. you can see people swimming in the water. there are two swim clubs down here. i talked to the swimmers this morning. a couple of them say you can definitely feel a difference in the water this morning from what they say they usually see again. we are not expecting the swell to come in for the next hour or so. one of the groups they were told they can go out toward
6:57 am
alcatraz and swim. the beach was shut down within the last hour. there is several beaches around san francisco that have been closed off as a precaution. the great highway is shut down. they are warning everyone in all of these areas with areas be careful. live here in san francisco claudine wong. >> thank you. let's check traffic again real quick. there is a lot to talk about. tara, what are you watching now? >> we just received word from muni officials that they have rerouted line 18 in san francisco because of the great highway closure. they are standing by and prepared to take any action if necessary. but so far so good. now we do have other services that have been halted ferry service out of vallejo has been suspended because of the tsunami watch. there is a bus shuttle service
6:58 am
that is being offered as well. we are also on stand by for bart officials. they will be contacting us momentarily regarding closures effecting trains. there is a really big deal here would stop trains running from west oakland in daly city. that would impact a lot of people. we will of course keep you posted. 6:57 here is steve. tara, thank you very much. we are waiting 7:23 is our key time. especially up on the north coast. we will see what happens there. a lot of officials will be making rejections. and then down the coast around 7:40 to 7:45 and 8:00 right after 8:00 along the california coast. we will see what happens here. some of the wave forecast. we are going into a low tide. back to pam and dave. >> thank you, steve. we are watching our coast. coming up next we will take you live to pacifica where again we understand some beaches are
6:59 am
closed, schools are closed down there as a precaution. stay with us. we'll have more on that coming up. all of this is after japan's worst earthquake in a century.


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